Research Summary

Low-energy Driven Submolecular Unit for Actuation and Energy Conversion and Harvesting

Biological activities are controlled by highly-efficient and fully-recoverable conformational changes. Inspired by nature, we are investigating if a low-energy driven submolecular conformational change can be used for harvesting waste thermal energy and enabling heliotropism for autonomous power-free solar tracking. 

Hierarchical 3D Functionalized Nanocarbon for Green Energy Storage and Conversion

We are creating free-standing hierarchical 3D electrode platforms that consist of a well-defined and reproducible 3D carbon surface grafted with engineered functional species for electrocatalysis for efficient energy conversion and energy storage.


Dynamic Scaffold for Stem Cell Differentiation

Combining near-infrared stimuli-responsive polymeric composites with optical wavefront engineering, we are developing a new platform that can impose spatiotemporally-controlled force on cells to control stem cell differentiation.