James Rosenberg (Alumni)

James graduated in 2017 with a Materials Science and Engineering degree from the University of California, Merced. He is currently a junior lab specialist, and is pursuing a  PhD at Utah University.


Derek Brigham (Alumni)

Derek graduated in 2016 with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of California, Merced. He is currently working towards as a project engineer for Pratt and Whitney.

Jose Flores (Master's and PhD Graduate)

EAG Laboratories Engineer

Yang Liu (Master's and PhD Graduate)

ADVA Optical Networking Engineer

Tzu-I Chao (Master's and PhD Graduate)

SupremeCure Pharma (Taiwan) 

Jasper Zeng (Master's and PhD Graduate)

Duke University Researcher

Alex Shen (Master's and PhD Graduate)

Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Investment Company Venture Capitalist

Jason Komadina (Former Postdoctoral Associate)

Roche Manager


Gökçe Uğur (Former Postdoctoral Associate)

Materials Technologies, Central R&D Scientist

Qiang Fu (Former Postdoctoral Associate)

JF Advanced Technologies Director of Research and Development

Muharrem Acerce (Former Postdoctoral Associate)

Faculty Member at Istanbul University

David Pan (Former Undergrad Researcher)

Nanolab Technologies Engineer

Eva Mo (Former Undergrad Researcher)

Exxon Mobil Engineer

Kimball Anderson (Former Undergrad Researcher)

Simon Fraser Graduate Student

Derek Brigham (Former Undergrad Researcher)

Pratt and Whitney Engineer

Obynn-Lynne Paldi (Former Undergrad Researcher)

Purdue University Graduate Student

Angela Andrade (Former Undergrad Researcher)

UC Merced Graduate Student

Eric Provencio (Former Undergrad Researcher)

UC Irvine Graduate Student

Anita Ghia (Former Undergrad Researcher)

Bloom Energy Engineer

Karen Ramirez (Former Undergrad Researcher)

California State University, San Jose Graduate Student 

James Rosenberg (Former Undergrad Researcher)

UC Merced Lab Specialist