From steel to plastic to silicon, the advancement in materials synthesis and processing have revolutionized the way that we live. Functional materials will be continuously playing vital roles in scientific and technology advancement in almost every technology sectors.

In JQL’s functional nanomaterial lab, harnessing capabilities in (a) controlled inorganic nanomaterial synthesis, (b) interface engineering and (c) newly acquired organic synthesis  under one umbrella, we are designing and fabricating new types of material systems that are capable of efficiently converting one type of energy/force into another. Achieving high-efficiency energy conversion will enable energy storage devices and fuel cell technology. Furthermore, the ability to transduce one kind energy into another is essential for biosensing and artificial intelligence etc. Three on-going projects are:

Research Area:

Low-energy Driven Thermal Contraction Polymer System

3D Nanocarbon Monolith for Sustainable Energy

Dynamic Scaffold for Stem Cell Differentiation